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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
3:09 pm
gah, me cry now
Darling leave a light on for me
I'll be there before you close the door
To give you all the love that you need
Darling leave a light on for me
'cause when the world takes me away
You are still the air that I breathe

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
1:47 am
You're Element is Light. You are friendly, happy,
social, bubbly, and can brighten up any one's
day. You are very kind and a real people person
because you have several friends (or atleast
should). You're cheery nature makes you lovable
and your stunning looks are sweet and stand

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
brought to you by Quizilla


Current Mood: tired
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
10:06 pm
quizzie poo
The Empress Card
You are the Empress card. The Empress is the
archetype of the Mother. She creates and
nurtures life. She represents the abundance of
Mother Earth. The Empress is capable of using
nature in a productive way. She espouses art
for art's sake. Her planet is Venus, and she
embodies love of beauty and a strong value
system. Here is also found initial sensation.
This is the first really physical experience of
the world that The Fool has entered. The
Empress has a rich understanding of the world
based on her five senses. In a reading, The
Empress represents pregnancy, actual or
metaphorical. She indicates an act of creation
and a sensual experience of beauty. The Empress
is a nurturing force that wishes to see the
product of her experiences reach the next stage
of development. Image from A Photographic Tarot

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

wonder what Erin's result will be

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
9:36 am
everything is falling apart
and I dont know why

I dont think any one of us really knows why

All i see is Cookie and Erin crying and searching though Houston boxes for Erin's old razorblade. I have tried talking them, since that is all i can do. I am crying because nothing I can say can sway them. They are set in their purpose.
They think no one cares, that one of the very few people that can talk them out of it, could care less if they lived or if they walked into traffic an hour from now.

I want it to stop, but I am not in control of this body right now...they have beaten me to it this morning
They have taken it to harm it

The plan has been set: She will cut and then Cookie will walk to school to work
hopefully talk to a friend, since the one they want to talk to is not in the mood to talk to them despite them needing it badly.
She will get lost in her studies, Erin will get lost in her pain

I feel this body dying all around me, crumbling away, shattering fast

I am alone, and I feel so very afraid
My sisters are too, behind the false forefield of anger they have up to defend themselves of hurt.

of course they take your not talking to them as a sign you are leaving
and in their anger they will suggest that you do
of course they dont want you to
but i think they are tired of letting their vunerability come out
only to have it seen as something which it is not, or have them feeling critisized or belittled because they shared something

-crying so hard, upset, and so confused i need to puke-

Current Mood: not in control of anything
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
12:44 am
the perfect drug
Have you ever met someone that shatters you like droplets of mirror?
that says to you what you have said to them, but make you cry to hear it
that can find the most unelaborate words to cave the mind and break the heart
that against, no one else could possibly compare
to suffer a broken heart for would be a tragic measure
a much bigger one would be never seeing you again
what would we do if you left now
we would wander around in darkness

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
11:34 pm
So help me Fenris...
If you EVER make my girlfriend upset about the shit you write in your journal, I will make you suffer without even lifting a finger from laying on an armrest, without even looking up from my book as i read on the patio.
You have been warned
I will hunt you down like the very wolf and devour your soul only to regurgitate it out into a fire because it is so rotten.

Yes Toby Rowan, this is for you.

Fuck off because everything you have said about us recently is bullshit, and I want it to stop.

And just to make it clear, We did not deduct this from reading your journal.
And as you will notice, we have not responded to the comment you made in our's.

You should treat Malakai with more respect.
Because i am sure you continuing to pine over us is not helping you with you guys' relationship.

Current Mood: the sleeping dragon, the wolf
Friday, February 6th, 2004
12:18 pm
whiles taking pictures...
we all remembered something....

one pose in our hat reminded us so much of her and now there is a great deal of missing.

I will go a-looking on the PC tonite for the picture

the tiny icon we kept of our dear love when she had it in her icon set so long ago.
with her long hair dropping past her shoulders, a patchwork cap, studious glasses balanced on her nose like so, and a haunting smile like mona lisa that had a side dish of a poised hand
she was drenched in thought, perhaps fanciful thought, perhaps coy thought, perhaps thought of artistic brilliace

the small picture always brought us joy or tears to our eyes

Current Mood: dreamy
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
9:26 pm
both of you...
get the fuck over it already!!!!!

i am serious!

so what if you responded to her past posts and havent gotten anything back
them being ignored is what you deserve

i am going back to sleep, and I better not hear anymore of this shit

Cookie, there will be no more encouraging negative thoughts
Erin, melancholy doesnt have to fit you like an old jacket

thank fucking gawd you havent finished downloading The Wall, or we would be in big trouble wouldnt we?

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
1:39 am
does it seem like me
to talk so proliferately about drugs?

seems like Cookie's avenue doesnt it?

this is where devotion lead me....
to be a chronic all though high school and an expert on the natural drugs

i miss those parties where Wilhelm just put out some bowls of shrooms...like they were candy or something. and then there was the acid, and me bitching at him because he refused to get me speed (and since he was a very sociable drug dealer, he convinced the speeders in town to refuse my money as well)
ah well it was for the best, probably would have had a heartattack by accident because of the desire to lose weight by working out whiles on it.

and then there was E, sweet innocent touchy feely E
made me feel one with the universe and all those around me

Cookie was only into the trendy stuff, the harder stuff, the cooler stuff perse
she was too cool for most drugs, she stuck to her classy smoking and binge drinking.
That man really opened up the door to a demon omg I even feel sorry for him!
lol Cookie used to be Miss Princess *waves arms about like some debutante*

First time I actually met someone who took the spiritual side to drug taking was Toby, and then came Wes(wesley..heehee) from res with the psychological-intellectual side at the end of our shroom night last year. He had so many books about it and the symbolism about hallucinations and possible interpretations.
And then that night there was poor poor Jon who had such a bad trip and I took care of him most of the night. d00d! in the non-sexual way! In a nuturing way :)
We talked about art, so strange i guess, and then skateboaring brands, and then he fell asleep so I walked back next door to my rez suit to return the books that Wes lent me and then I went to bed.

I can honestly say there was only one time when i had a bad experience with drugs, and that was when i smoked some 'blueberry' and I got so scared and paranoid about who i was with and what they were going to do to me (i was still a virgin at this time) that i huddled in a corner.
But even that didnt last long and i was doing okay soon afterwards.

I wonder why I dont smoke alot of pot anymores?

Current Mood: calm
Monday, January 12th, 2004
8:53 pm
There are many things unseen
visions cloud over
the sun gets lost in the little white puffs
still the silver lining
the stars still come out
even if people cannot see them
just like there has always been hope
hope when there was no grounds for hope before
because just because I cannot see it
doesnt mean it's not there

turned around maybe one day
took a look through her eyes
the lost Cookie we used to hold
who never thought she could love
someone so much

listen to the sun rise
bathe yourself in red tangerine and aquamarine
In my sky you'll always be my morning star
you turn the colors twice

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
12:38 am
You always have to be the star of the fucking show dont you Cookie


Sometimes I wish you would leave sister
Sometimes I wish Erin would have cast you away for good
To change the lock on her door

Yes it's jealousy talking for some part

but then where are you when she has problems to sort out concerning you?

You are wearing out your welcome and you know that is dangerous

that is all...because I dont want you around me right now
I want you gone

Current Mood: sad
Monday, December 22nd, 2003
3:40 am
was singing this in the car this afternoon...yeah it's sad
Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river
Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea,
You lay your bets and then you pay the price
The things we do for love, the things we do for love.

Communication is the problem to the answer
You've got her number and your hand is on the phone
The weather's turned and all the lines are down
The things we do for love, the things we do for love.

Like walking in the rain and the snow
When there's nowhere to go
And you're feelin' like a part of you is dying
And you're looking for the answer in her eyes.
You think you're gonna break up
Then she says she wants to make up.

Ooh you made me love you
Ooh you've got a way
Ooh you had me crawling up the wall.

Like walking in the rain and the snow
When there's nowhere to go
And you're feelin' like a part of you is dying
And you're looking for the answer in her eyes.
You think you're gonna break up
Then she says she wants to make up.

Ooh you made me love you
Ooh you've got a way
Ooh you had me crawling up the wall.

A compromise would surely help the situation
Agree to disagree but disagree to part
When after all it's just a compromise of
The things we do for love, the things we do for love....

Current Mood: good
2:26 am
I am tired
and I suck

not often when I feel like I want to die

and no one cares, you probably dont care

That I sacrificed everything for you
That I went against my sisters and changed for you
That I would die for you
That I will fade to black if you will not have me

I am going to bed to dream of you

regardless of how low you think of me
regardless of how you reject me
regardless of what happened today

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, December 21st, 2003
9:47 pm
Today is Yule
Yule is for rememberance, it can be good rememberance, it can be bad rememberance.
I have killed those ghosts, I bury the last of memories in the damp earth and hammer the crosses in deep to trap and suffocate them.

Hear me roar motherfuckers!

Thank you Hel, goddess of underworld, for showing me the past to keep me steadfast to the future with a simple kiss of your ice breath.
eyes are firmly fixed to the future, that has not changed, a future loving her with all that I am and reaching out to the stars to give love strength and depth too.

Tonite marks my rebirth, i am frejya's child of love now, not who I was before.

At 11:59 I will mourn whatever I feel I need to mourn, and it will burn away with candle flame

And then I will collapse

I change because I feel that I can love you even more than I could before
But if I am not wanted, if you do not want me, I will dissipate and merge with Erin
since I live for you

LotR quizCollapse )

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, December 14th, 2003
9:38 pm
what's this?

two more new toys?!!!
sis, yer gonna kill our funds!

gonna go read those books now

Current Mood: lethargic
Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
10:50 pm
because Cookie made me...
Your soul is bound to the White Rose: The

"I've been waiting in the dark for a long
time, shining my beacon of hope through the
shadow. If you see me, don't you hide your
eyes from me."

The White Rose is associated with purity, honor,
and chastity. It is governed by the goddess
Artemis and its sign is The Cross, or Agape.

As a White Rose, you are a person of your word.
You may have a strong moral code, but
regardless of your virtue, you always stay true
to yourself. To you, love is the most pure of
emotional forms and it's just a matter of
waiting for it to bless you. Some people may
say you are too idealistic, but it's only
because you don't want to mess things up.

What Rose Is Your Soul Bound To?
brought to you by Quizilla

hmmm....we have burned roses before Cookie, they never look like your quiz picture...not even dried rose petals burn that pure.
I tied with solitary rose btw

Cant wait until exams are over, then tis time to worship
because the gods have become restless
Thor is waiting for Cookie
probably waiting for her to get Jormungand wrapped around her other arm
to achieve balance of the brothers
so drink your wine, and sprinkle some to the fire for his serpent kin
or too much of Loki's mischief will be afoot

The old gods come to life for us sister
they live and breathe amoung us
the elders watch over us

Current Mood: tired
Monday, December 8th, 2003
7:30 pm
Jeg elsker deg

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, December 4th, 2003
7:29 pm
fecking drunk men
Im trying to work and all I can hear is Nick, Ken, and John trampling around and yelling at eachother downstairs and badmouthing women.
If there is anything I cant stand more than drunk men sounding violent, it is drunk men sounding violent and rapping at my door.

Sadly the next drag king event is on december 20th, where will I be? Back home! So I cant attend *sniffles*
Yeah...trying to distract myself isnt working too much

So will slip on the headphones and crank up the music to drown out the sounds of smashing glass, shifting of chairs, and the yelling...the horrible yelling

Do women ever get that violent when they drink?
I have yet to see any that do

Current Mood: scared
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
2:30 am
ever have the feeling...
that rejection comes in more than just one facet?

Current Mood: lonely
Saturday, November 29th, 2003
3:27 am
Cookie, please tell me what you've got in that black bag?!
Oh how lovely, you got me that lesbian sex book I wanted for my birthday...but what is this other book?...


A DILDO!???!!!


Current Mood: shocked
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